Dear Mr. Elvin: So what's the bottom line? Is that gal in the skimpy gown Josie or not? Al M., Tempe AZ.
Dear Al: I'm a researcher and investigator. Although the book probably makes my opinion pretty clear, I wasn't out to pass judgment. My mission was to pile up the facts and expert opinions so the reader can make an informed decision. I think you'll find enough information in the book, both historical and technical, to make up your own mind.
Dear Mr. Elvin: I've seen where there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of these images that have sold for very high prices over the Internet. What are those buyers going to do if that's not Josie? Lauri R., Little Rock, AR.
Dear Lauri: Well, that's a question that launched me on six months of digging into this mystery. I guess you might say the answer is between the buyer and their God; this is a case of possible misrepresentation rather than outright fraud. Auction lore is rich with stories of sellers sticking it to buyers and more of those stories are being created every day. At least potential buyers who read this book can make an informed decision.
Dec. 26, 2007: Just noticed on eBay you can buy a reprint of the Josie/Kaloma photo for about $20 ...